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My art evolves from a strong connection to the earth, the rhythms of the oceans, the beauty of the Australian landscape and my own imaginings.





My childhood days unfolded in the West Australian country seaside town of Albany. My dad drew with my sister and me and took us on drawing trips on the weekend and out collecting beetles, insects and butterflies that we classified, set and displayed. I grew up listening to my mother's Don McLean and Cat Stephens homemade tapes and have vivid memories of the Vincent ode 'starry, starry night' drifting through our house.

I am a teacher, have been a principal and in the past run a bed and breakfast in the ancient mountains of the Porongurups. I've always loved to paint, draw and arrange momentary sculptures. My latest fascination involves paper cut art, maps, paper sculpture and the use of vintage books, vintage papers and characters in my work.





Anne Gee is an Australian artist based in Perth, Western Australia.

Her unique works have evolved from a deep love of the sea, maps, story-telling imagery and her own journeys and childhood memories.

Anne’s art pieces range from intricate, hand-crafted paper-cut works to ink pen maps, drawings, paintings and stunning, three-dimensional paper sculptures under glass. Many of her works feature vintage storybook characters and exquisite paper boats folded from the 80 year old, rescued pages from her vintage book collection.




B Ed, Dip Teach, ECE


2014-current Artsource Max Member- Western Australia 2005-2009 ACE – Australian College of Educators


1997 - 99 1997-99 2013 2014 2014 2015

Author/Curriculum Resource Team- The Arts – Dance and Visual Arts Author Early Childhood Visual Art and other publications
Artwork selected to illustrate Art for Abolition Poetry Book
Artworks selected for Made-it Colouring Book

Artwork featured in Map Art Lab Book
Artwork featured in Tickle the imagination publication

Curriculum Council WA Ready Ed Publications AFA, Columbia USA Made-it Publications Artlab, USA

Issue 18 Summer 2014-15

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