The tannery currently tans 800 Nguni hides, 2000 springbuck skins, 1200 sheepskins and various other game skins every month. All hides are fully certified and branded with a stamp to communicate the pursuit of quality, sustainability and reliability. Customers are therefore assured of excellence and reassured that they are buying genuine Nguni and not the south American imported texas longhorn


Nguni hides are a rich assortment of colour and pattern variations. The more dominant colours are black, white and brown and in less common instances, dun, or yellow or a combination of three colours. Brindle skins have a striped appearance and are quite rare. Nguni hides are highly functional and decorative and make beautiful floor rugs and furniture coverings as well as handbags and many other décor and household items. Our Nguni hides are classed in tricolour, AA grade, A grade and B grade. AA hides are skins that are ideal for ottomans, furniture and floor rugs. They have very few flaws. A grade hides have one or two patches or markings, ideal for floor rugs. B grade has flaws and is best used for cutting up for the making of products like handbags and ottomans. Each hide size shown, we have photographed on a 2.1m x 2.1m


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