Diamond Dog (Fibreglass Sculpture)

Diamond Dog (Fibreglass Sculpture)

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Gillie and Marc are known across the globe for their iconic Lost Dogs, which can be found in famous art collections, leading hotel chains, and the homes of delighted private buyers the world over. The artists, who were been deeply inspired by the love their Lost Dogs received, have now launched a new collection, giving it the ultimate and most dedicated attention. Their Diamond Dog and Ruby Rabbit resemble the Lost Animal pieces, but with an extremely fun and glamorous element added to the works. Each black or white fibreglass sculpture is embedded with magnificent coloured jewels, which glint and shine in the light. Gillie and Marc, known for their unique and captivating POP surrealist art, noticed the way that humans are attracted to things that glitter. Even in nature, we’re entranced by the way the sun dazzles off the water, by how it speckles through the trees and washes us in a feeling of joy and serenity. We aim to capture this feeling by adorning ourselves with jewellery, rhinestones, and glittery makeup. Now, Gillie and Marc have created a stunning way to bring this feeling into your home with the Diamond Dog and Ruby Rabbit. These avant-garde works of art bring movement and light into the room. They’re truly showstoppers that will bring any home to life with unique art and style!


Dimensions 20.9 x 15.4 x 24.8 inch (H*L*W) 22.3 lbs
53 x 39 x 63 cm (H*L*W) 10.1 kgs

Materials Fibreglass

Editions /100