Hip Dog (Fibreglass Sculpture) Call for details and colour options

Hip Dog (Fibreglass Sculpture) Call for details and colour options

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The Hip Dog and Hip Rabbit are inspired by Gillie and Marc’s Lost Dog and Lost Rabbit collection, which received a cult following and can be found all over the world. Their Lost Animals, as they came to be known, represent the times that everyone has felt lost. Gillie and Marc’s Lost Animals give people hope, and the understanding that being lost is a normal human feeling. Now, the artists are expressing these same emotions again, with the triumphing Hip Dog and Hip Rabbit. These captivating fibreglass sculptures feature Dogman and Rabbitwoman sitting in the iconic position, with arms crossed and rested on bent knees. The characters are beautifully dressed in trendy fashionable clothing, looking and feeling their best. These sculptures connote the feeling of finding oneself, of those enlightening moments when we pick ourselves up and take on the world with a new attitude and strength! The Hip Dog and Hip Rabbit are brilliant statement pieces, which bring vibrancy and inspiration into the home. Available in black, red or white, they attractively suit any décor, and remind viewers of the times they felt incredible!


Dimensions 20.9 x 17.3 x 24.8 inch (H*L*W) 21.8 lbs
53 x 44 x 63 cm (H*L*W) 9.9 kgs

Materials Fibreglass

Editions /100


Available in a few select colours, please enquire to see what is in stock