Find Upscale, Unique Wedding Gifts: Online Shopping at shadowz functional art in Australia is Fun and Simple

Gift shopping for someone who’s hard to please? An artist whose every item is unusual and beautiful? What about a couple getting married who already seems to own all they need? Or a couple who has little for the home? You can easily satisfy all those you are shopping for with elegant, functional, imaginative, unique wedding gifts in Australia from the CaRRoL BoYeS collection at shadowz Dunsborough.

Browsing an extensive range of unique wedding gifts online, you can easily find and choose from tea and cake cutlery to coffee mugs, salad bowls to multi-tiered dessert trays, paper towel holders to salt-and-pepper shakers, most sculpted in precious metals or hand painted. Try stylish comfort with seat or bed cushions or drama with candle holders, and more—all available when exploring unique wedding gifts by CaRRoL BoYeS. A fun, unique wedding gift would be the cookie tray that winds like a river: Imagine seeing that in your recipients’ home, perhaps holding macarons served to you and, when not serving dessert, showing off business cards or dried flowers. Salad servers shaped like a couple kissing are among the featured items that might woo you or, especially, the couple you’ve got in mind. Use them with a salad bowl that perches on a pewter and spun aluminium sculpture of a person or the “embrace” vase—such a romantic image will be displayed, used, and cherished forever when you select from our unique wedding gifts online.

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Expressive, impressive, and functional, CaRRoL BoYeS artwork is keenly crafted, considered high-end and sought by arts and crafts lovers worldwide as well as shoppers seeking unique wedding gifts in Australia, including an extensive list of celebrities. When you buy CaRRoL BoYeS products, you are helping support a woman-owned business and multi-cultural organisation in South Africa. She donates to and assists several non-profits and charities to help those in need, including Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer, Monkeybiz, Our House of Restoration, CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa), Cradle of Hope, MAD (Make A Difference) Foundation, Girls and Boys Town, The Smile Foundation, and Saving Africa’s Rhino with WWF (World Wildlife Fund). CaRRoL BoYeS functional art make unique wedding gifts in Australia and excite those worldwide who care that their purchases benefit critical charities. At shadowz Dunsborough your unique wedding gifts online are for those special people who value luxury and one-of-a-kind panache. 


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Many of the pieces crafted by CaRRoL BoYeS were created from sketches she drew over the years, kept private and archived until it occurred to her they would translate perfectly into functional art. Carrol earned a fine arts degree in sculpture from the University of Pretoria and taught English until she figured out how to realise her dream of working full-time in the visual arts. A seaside studio in her home in suburban Cape Town is where she started her art business in 1989. South Africa sports more than 25 of her stores but you can browse a gallery of her 1000 products when you shop for your unique wedding gifts online. Find striking, usable unique wedding gifts in Australia at shadowz functional art.